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tv   [untitled]    August 21, 2012 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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hello this is our top stories tonight the u.s. president says washington could use military action if there's any sign damascus might try to deploy its chemical weapons russia warns against democracy by bombs while syria's ongoing crisis comes under scrutiny for top syrian officials here in moscow. suspected anders breivik sympathizers being charged with plotting a copycat massacre in the czech republic weapons and police uniforms were discovered in his apartment just days before the norwegian mass killings judy here is verdict. and washington's slammed for al qaeda style tactics for striking those arriving to help victims get in the wake of another american drove raid multiple american missiles are killed over
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a dozen people in pakistan in the last few days in areas the u.s. claims are full of militants. germany's long held the safe keys for europe's finances now though a former executive of its central bank explains whether keeping countries together with a currency has any future. it's easy to be a euro skeptic these days but our today's guest had reservations about the future of europe's common currency from the very start he was about seen the former member of germany's central bank is joining us now on their t. thank you very much for your time sir and your latest book you claimed germany didn't bat after that much from the introduction of huron and a lot of experts from other european countries could make the same claim is it any member that in your view can actually say the euro has been good for it no i don't
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think so as the northern states did not to profit from the euro but it didn't. harm them eyes up to no maybe the two for the future. thousand states including france. profited first from the credit boom which went on to. two thousand and five and the now there are being damaged by the rise in. the current a common balanced if it's. by rising in term debt. hole in course rates. which which includes. cuts go on on the public expenditure and.
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improve the competitiveness by. lowering the prices and close. to even even more harm saw they have before the. a long and complicated road so what's your recipe do you think that greece or arlin should accept the union or as some economists suggest the germination show delayed than exit the euro zone itself we have a not know their choice but to. stick to the agreement to the must be treaty. but we. should insist that all members of the euro area. also or to stick to the treaty and this means the north rather be large and
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means that the. e c b. has to return. to its regular but all this is to supply economies with the sufficient supply of money but on and to. prevent any rise of inflation right now is the. if we tell you this is the means of the monetary policy. fine and cawing public sector our efforts. go into account deficits of the states by the way of printing money and saying this is a wrong cause because for me in the long run more information especially what you
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are suggesting is that germany should put forward an ultimatum to because those who . pay for the property. we can simply stop a billion of the other members of the singer group the union. and to this would mean. that they would have to have to change their ways of dealing with the economy or they would have to leave as a union you've been together through some good times and now the tables have turned so do you think it's ok to abandon somebody you made strong commitment to at the time of crisis while the. monetary union was
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based on the treaty of maastricht treaty and all that i'm saying is that we have to stick have to start again to stick to the treaty and to the regulations of this turkey because this is the only way that. a currency. union can work. and if others choose not to stick to the treaty or if. common currency proves to be too strong for them then it is because their decision to leave the currency union this is not not a version of. bandon in. any body. but it is the question of making the currency union work angela merkel said that
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in europe collapses europe will collapse. what share do you think these collapse may take are we talking about a full blown catastrophe or just some sort of political divorce she said. or accord and or will power so best translation of their child would be is to fail so she says if the europe fails to europe. this is the political threat and in the end it is a means. to get people and political parties and their turnover of. the public to agree to their kind of policy but. one has
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to ask what that means. to what is europe. so europe is first and foremost. a continent which stretches from. to be part of try to work hard it. is a much more than a union. in addition. to europe is a cultural idea and it kids as far as their european union is consarned it. it is the economic union and nothing of this does fail. to take your fields because. of the success story of your peen community was a written between nineteen forty five and nine hundred ninety nine
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this. i thought half a century of piece of gross of the going employment of the social security and so on. the nothing which. which was created in the necessitated common single. and. in or to. try to preserve these the values these achievers. the common currency is not necessarily. can have it gives me it is maybe some seeing the nice to have but it is definitely not the must have
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one of the reasons why your book became such a controversy is because you're invoking the holocaust which you believe is behind germany's guilt complex that also one of the reasons why it's so dedicated to the unification of europe i want to ask you how big of a role do you think politics history other emotional factors that playing in. making fiscal decisions are those decisions based on arithmetics or more or less in history books it's my concern that. we. have already taken and to continue to enforce the anomaly coolly and financially or on decisions which are to the disadvantage of virtually all members of the of the monetary union because.
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we. feel the buy or past even within europe different people have different work ethics they have different saving and spending habits how big a factor culture or mentality is when it comes to. financial and fiscal policies different cultures need different systems and that what was the great mistake. in the. organization. and i was in the concept of the currency union was that we applied to. the maastricht treaty and.
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the regulations ritual. that occurred accordance with the culture of the netherlands the culture of austria or germany or of the northern state but it did not. fit. into the culture of spain italy of france. culture of the south. is one. which. differently with conflicts. and so it needs more information to ruach properly doctors there are some thank you for a time thank you.
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my name is richard davis i'm an architectural photographer from london and i've been traveling in russia for the last ten years on a project fed rough wooden chair choose obviously i fell in love with the tragedies they are extraordinary olcott said the flow of goods and the churches is a religious monumental obviously but it's also an object of wonder you know it's something that people can look at it and it opens their eyes that what can be achieved by using your imagination. wealthy british style science and that's not on my list of. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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choose not headlines from r.t. the us president says washington could use military action if there's any sign damascus might try to deploy its chemical weapons russia wants against democracy by poems while syria's ongoing crisis comes under scrutiny for top syrian officials here in moscow. as suspected this breivik sympathizers be charged with plotting a copycat massacre in the czech republic weapons and police uniforms were discovered in his apartment just days before the norwegian mass killer is due to his verdict. and washington slammed for al qaeda style tactics a striking those arriving to help victims in the wake of a leader american drone braids multiple american missiles have killed over a dozen people in pakistan in the last few days and there is the u.s. claims a full list minutes. that world sport has poured. thank
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you very much kevin welcome along the to the sports headlines here is what's coming up turkish attack champions league football returns a spot in moscow a back playing with front of the train right now in the qualifying round for us like. we can do to remember sergio garcia wins his first p.g.a. tour event in four years books a place on the european ryder cup team in the process. bringing in their step south africa's rugby union players touched down in buenos aires ahead of their clash with argentina and the rugby championship formerly known as the tri nation. but starting with football and spartak moscow are in champions league action right now they're taking on turkish side front about and the first leg of their third
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qualifying round tie that just approaching half time at the luzhniki stadium as you can see there is currently gold star for more first leg ties later on tuesday germany's but as the emerging gladbach host in on the king you have have seen paul's old take on c.f. clues elsewhere little travel to denmark to take on copenhagen all scottish champions celtic make the journey to health single. meanwhile over in england manchester united manager sir alex ferguson admits his side failed to get the best out of new signing robin van persie in their one nil defeat at everton on monday modeling for laney's a fifty seventh minute head of making a difference the good of some part it's united's first a feat in their first match of the season since two thousand and four run percy came on as a substitute with twenty two minutes to play but failed to register a single shot on target meaning and opening day that three for david moyes his man . at the top it would put will. you're never always going to have the borg as much as she later saw and we didn't defend it will keep the good ship combination
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rhondda boxes were always going to be a threat. but i thought we we done what we had to do and it was a little room to good performance meanwhile barcelona's latest acquisition alex song has been speaking as a bar supplier for the first time the twenty four year old midfielder has signed from arsenal in a deal worth around twenty three and a half million dollars the cameron international believes the catalan club have what it takes to continue the unprecedented success of recent years. and i know that bar sees a team that has won everything but i also know that it's a team that is prepared to keep winning and because of that i'm very happy to have arrived here and i'm convinced that we can win everything everyone and i mean the perfect team do it you've that aim. now in tennis rushes to time grand slam winner spent a lot because now it's over has pulled out of next week's u.s. open the twenty seven year old who won the tournament in two thousand and four has
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missed several weeks of the w t a tour with a knee injury when it's over admits it's one of her favorite slam events but could to continue her recovery. and flavia pennetta have also withdrawn from the competition. elsewhere baseball legend roger clemens is back in the sport the fifteen year old has signed for the un affiliated sugar land skeeters he was acquitted in june of charges of lying to congress when denying he used performance enhancing drugs the pitcher hasn't played since two thousand and seven but his new bosses insist the move isn't simply a p.r. stunt. not at all i don't like roger clemens would participate in anything like that what the skaters are going to pitch saturday night the skaters generally sell out of very close to what odds are you know it's we're going to draw five hundred thousand or close to it on the season it's not a publicity stunt roger clemens wants to prove he can bridge them on the greens the
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skies have cleared for sergio garcia with the spaniard lifting his first p.g.a. tour title in four years the thirty two year old also making the european ryder cup team thanks to victory a rain affected a wyndham championship garcia not minding too much having to stick around green spot for an extra day wrapping up four consecutive rounds of sixty seven or better for the first time in a pin during event two bogeys on the back nine doing little to rain on his parade his first p.g.a. win since two thousand and eight the two stroke winning the spaniard can now look forward to the ryder cup next month in illinois. obviously i want a couple times last year in europe but it's been a while since i won here so it's great. very proud of the way they were played coming and. obviously i don't feel very comfortable on eighteen or fourteen in you could see that but you know i came through nicely. one of goals most exclusive private venue's has opened its doors to female members for the first time your
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gusted national welcoming former u.s. secretary of state condoleezza rice as its first lady rice an avid golf enthusiastic recently became head of the sports u.s. association committee the home of the masters tournament had been coming under increasing pressure from women's rights advocates to change the policy that has been in place since the courses foundation back in one thousand nine hundred thirty two. about now bradley wiggins is on top of the cycling world right now after unprecedented success this summer the thirty two year old following that july's tour de france winner with his fourth olympic gold medal in london and what wiggins first gold came in two thousand and four he says winning his home games is what caught the wider public's attention. this is more fulfilling picks in an obvious one many medals before and. it. always come i'm sort of unrecognized really even though i had a successful olympics in the past and. always sunny it seems like this one is just
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really attracted the attention of everybody in the country really latched on to it for a few weeks and i think it exceeded everybody's expectations for the athletes anyway as to how people are going to react to it. now it's not just britain's bradley wiggins who is enjoying his time in the spotlight russia's synchronized swimming gold medal winners natalia is jenga. are also getting used to life as an impact champions play that in favor it was the first time in recent competitions when our margin of victory was that big but we really wanted to demonstrate a brilliant performance along with winning the gold medals and we think we managed to do that. now to rugby where south africa have touchdown and ahead of a historic clash with argentina the match will be the first updated tri nations game now called the rugby championship to take place in the country the springboks well aware that the p.m.'s will be out for revenge after a twenty seven six drubbing in cape town last weekend the argentinians finally able
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to welcome their southern hemisphere counterparts after being included in the expanded and renamed version of the trying nations but argues for the boxes that this marketplace this is out for the season after picking up a knee injury cutting john de villiers saying the loss of the hooker in a fired up local crowd will make for a tough outing on saturday. i. first go in this competition so they'll be our two to prove a point we know that we know they'll be tough we know that they'll be emotionally up for it and mentally out first so you know we prepared for a massive battle on saturday now finally let's once again return to football and enjoy the latest action in the russian premier league it was much week five in stores and they lose their first points of the campaign this is goals galore. so.
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plenty of election. election . gloom
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. relentless she says my. plane flew live. lives.
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now that is all from the world of sport for now just go time tony was halftime in the champions league game at luzhniki stadium between spots on moscow in front of it is still covered and they'll net us all this wolf now about with more in just under two hours time here on our take a drug that. mission free accreditation free in-store charges free. richmond free. three stooges free. mold free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free meal dog r.t. dot com. magine assets that the phone watches show every single morning. and waiting for you
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well. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.


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